“Casa Guzmán” demolished

From the institution Alejandro de la Sota, we have received the bad news that the “Casa Guzmán” of Alejandro de la Sota has been demolished for being replaced by other living place. If you want to read the full new … Continue

Urban Safari

Yesterday the students of 2nd and 3rd course of Landscaping went along with their professor, Laura Gómez Vaquero, to the activity Urban Safari, organized by the association “Madrid Street Art Projects”. The Urban Safaris presentsa guide visits around the city of … Continue

UCJC students of the Landscaping Degree in CONAMA

Last November 29th the Landscaping Degree students attended, with the proffesor of the UCJC Puy Alonso Martínez, the 13th edition of CONAMA which this year is leading the motto “The answer is green”. From the wide program of meetings and conferences … Continue


The new post of the School of Architecture and Tecnology UCJC is already available #CityFollowers On it is shown how the city it is its first ambit of the academic and discipline interest, its main aim of study, analism and … Continue

New Red Cross headquarter

The proffessor of the school, Arturo Blanco Herrero, has won the idea contest for the new Red Cross headquarter in Ávila, this will be a sustainable building. We leave you the link if you want to see the full article: … Continue

Activity with the termographic camera

The students of Sustainable Installations have been doing an activity around the UCJC  Villafranca’s campus with the termographic camera in order to understand better its working, here there are some pictures of the experience.

New degree. Urban Design and Management.

The School of Architecture and Technology UCJC thinks about the city as the first academic and professional scope, the main study, analysis and research topic: urban innovation as a set of complex and interdependent systems, the real gravity center for … Continue

by Javier Callejas

UCJC at the Venice Biennale

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE IN VENICE Designing the afterlife of the Biennale installation UCJC Workshop directed by Anupama Kundoo Venice 16-25 May 2015 Tutors: Alba Balmaseda, Sonali Phadnis, Yashoda Joshi Collaborators: Rebiennale, Rivolta, Giovanni Leone, Luca Uorio High profile international events that … Continue


16 – 25 May in Venice, Italy SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2016 The UCJC School of Architecture and Technology organizes a workshop in La Biennale di Venezia, as part of cycle of Summer Workshops.  These Workshops are for students as well as graduates, and are oriented … Continue