Next Monday June 30, the UCJC School of Architecture and Technology, together with the local institution Urban Sjøfront, has organized an exhibition of projects in Stavanger, Norway which runs until July 15.

Under the topic “Edibles Cities” a group of students led by Professor Miguel Angel Diaz Camacho as part of the subject Architectural Design, have developed a full 24 proposals organized into 6 different groups in response to Stavanger East regeneration. This is an industrial area based on canneries, silos and warehouses, in the process of urban transformation. The exhibition represents the conclusion of all the work performed by students during the first term of academic year and represents an approach to urban regeneration strategies from the planning of food systems.

The exhibition leads to a subsequent study trip to Oslo during which students will visit, among other works, the Opera House (Snøetta), the Hedmark Museum and the National Museum of Architecture (Sverre Fehn), the church of St. Hallvard (Lund & Slaatto), Astrup Fearnley museum (Renzo Piano), DNB Bank Headquarters (MVRDV) and the Oslo school of Architecture (JVA Architects).