CAMPUS ARCHITECTURE: New Postgraduate Course

While designing educational spaces it is essential to keep in mind that we are shaping the spaces that will support the future learning practice. Teams of architects and educators will work together in the proposal of new learning environments taking into account areas of common research interest, responsiveness, social agency, engagement, sustainability, technical data, media, new practices and locations.

With the collaboration of the internationally renowned architects Luis Feduchi and Adolfo Zanetti the course is part of the Master in Heritage Conservation and Management and it consists of two seminars and a workshop that allows for separate enrolment. The title Specialist in Campus Architecture will be granted upon successful completion of the comprehensive course.


          Learning Environments   (3 ECTS)

          Campus Prototypes   (3 ECTS)

          Workshop Spain / England   (6 ECTS)

          Thesis Project   (3 ECTS)


Specialization Course 150 hours

Madrid, Spain (7 wks) + workshop (3 wks)

Languages: English and Spanish

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