URBAN MANAGEMENT: Access four million jobs in the network today

This week we wanted to quantify our previous article on URBAN MANAGEMENT. Work diagnosis and professional opportunities. For this, we have used LinkedIn to find job opportunities offered within the professional areas included in the Urban Management Degree. The result has been truly spectacular, since we´ve globally found more than four million available jobs. These are the results:

Smart City: 689 jobs

Renewable energy: 9,087 jobs

Real State: 30,880 jobs

Cooperation: 94,029 jobs

Mobility: 101,023 jobs

Consulting: 222,602 jobs

Technology: 1,234,781 jobs

Environment: 2,612,863 jobs

TOTAL: 4,305,954 jobs

As can be verified, technology and the environment are absolute winners in this comparison, maybe as a result of the new digital and environmental agendas that are currently being implemented in all the cities around the world. Technology´s transforming potential, added to new challenges and the environmental sensitivity linked to them, among others, and also to the consequences of Global Climate Change, enable a transversal area of ​​knowledge with as an access channel to this new landscape of our work environment.

Welcome to the era of Smart Cities. Welcome to the new Urban Management

Image: http://smallbizclub.com/technology/hardware/employ-internet-things-business/