Study Abroad UCJC – Garden City University

UCJC Garden City University

The first edition of the Diploma of Specialization in Motor Control, Hypopressives, Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga of the Department of Physiotherapy of the Camilo José Cela University, had the prestige of collaborating with the Garden City University in a study abroad.

The experience of having students from this University gave us not only a much broader vision of physiotherapy, but a greater cultural enrichment. It was a unique experience sharing all our strengths in the different physiotherapy specialties, such as Sports Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Instrumental Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise. Last November we received 13 students from the University of Bangalore, India; and our Specialization Diploma students will have the opportunity to travel to India in July 2020 to make an exchange that will allow them to know in depth everything related with Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic Yoga and all the cultural aspects surrounding the country.

The students of the Garden City University enjoyed to the maximum not only the physiotherapy, but also the cultural activities which were organized from by UCJC and gave them the chance to visit cities like Toledo and Segovia, as well as enjoyed typical Spanish food and a flamenco show .

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