The new Sound Link to the Silent Island

«The new sound link to the silent Island». A proposal made as a result of the international workshop (September 29th – October 12th). Micro-projects created by Students from TU Bergakademie of Freiberg along with UCJC students. Post by Ute Werner and Chenming Pérez. Grado en Transporte y Logística UCJC. 

The proposal for Antique «Parque de Limpiezas del Ayuntamiento de Madrid»

In the corner of the Mendez Alvaro and the Avenue of Planetario, there is an small place with an old industrial building made out of bricks and with open doors on each side. Across Mendez Alvaro Street, a green park leads you to the Planetario and it also houses the building of the I-Max 3-D cinema. While the Planetario still offers some events – the I-Max is closed since 2014. The surrounding area is still growing with skyscrapers for new settlements, but it also offers facilities that look empty like a children’s playground.

Nowadays, the park and the Quarter with the old open building seem to be a calm island – a place where you can listen to the natural sounds of birds while, in the opposite direction, a huge supermarket shows the rhythm of a pulsating town with traffic.

Now that we found out about the municipal market, which uses that place to sell ecological products regularly every three weeks, we changed our concept to support this market.

We want to create a place where you find something healthy every day. People can get healthy food in a store or in a cafe. THE SILENT ISLAND

Furthermore, they will have space to gather experiences in Yoga for example.They can enjoy sitting inside or outside the building to meet each other, have a coffee or tea in a natural and friendly environment, which is going to change due to the urban gardening.

The distribution of the different spaces would be:

  • Recreation room
  • Yoga room
  • Massage room
  • Organic food shop
  • Cafeteria

The outside of the building would have 4 zones:

  1. Tree planting and the necessary furniture to enjoy the place.
  2. Plant and cultivation of natural products.
  3. Area dedicated to traditional games to encourage joint activities between children and adults.
  4. Space for the traditional market.

From Transport and Logistics department, we are aware of sector needs. Our training (click on curriculum) at Camilo José Cela University was designed for the best professionals. For more information and contact details:  Marta Serrano Pérez and Tomás García Martín.