CityFollowers Talk

We present you the topics of the first CityFollowers Talk that will be hold next Friday 16th of December.

“Shared city: speed and energy”: Madrid Metropolitan area, as one of the Europe’s greatest motor vehicles transit area, takes charge of a great energy, social and environmental exhaustion. ¿Which are the strategic guidelines that face these conflicts?

“Albufera; re-generate”: Valencia “Albufera” (lagoon) is one of the most fragile and interesting landscapes of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. How could it be regenerated? How strategies that provide its neighbours with environmental, social and economic benefits;
innovative and sustainable proposals based on the analysis and understanding of the context, could be developed?


“Bio-diverse domesticity”: Colombian geography shelters one of the greatest wealth of natural diversity but, at the same time, one of the most threatened throughout the world. How can we take care of them by means of urban and architectural design? Which new domestic and housing shapes could arise in this territory?

“Social housing and urban re-generation”: Identity and historic cultural value of the location placed in between Arab and Cristian Madrid walls
have worsen over time due to touristic development and gentrification processes. How social housing can be involved in order to recover the value of the place?


“Productive housing”: The house has become the productive core of the city. It must no longer meet only habits such as sleeping, cooking and staying. Nowadays homes can be hotels – Airbnb – street markets – wallapop – restaurants – eatwith – … In order to address this situation, how can we design the city through these new ways of living the house?


“Retrofitting Caribe”: Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean countries which is setting up its compromise with development. How can we collaborate in the design of urban strategies dealing with relocation and regeneration of public spaces?, designing architectures carried out with low cost and easy-assembly technologies?


“Hybrid Housing and Urban Regeneration in Chamartín”: The controversial “Operación Chamartín”, in northern Madrid, comprises multiple new formulas for the city. Regarding the importance of this Madrid place, which structural and morphological analysis and diagnosis can be extracted?, how a proposal specifically based on hybrid housing could be?


“Memory landscape”: If the city is everyone’s home, houses being gardens and gardens being houses should be the goal. Human landscapes are too strained; flowers, plants and arts must come closer to the urban space, and simultaneously the magic of memory must be adapted to present needs, thus making visible and valuing both rural and natural environment, so often invisible in our cities.