Visit to the”Biomass Plant” in the UCJC Villafranca campus

Last week the students of “Instalaciones I” and “Instalaciones Sostenibles” visited the largest private biomass plant in Spain, that it is located in the campus of Villafranca del Castillo.

It is a pioneering project in Spain that was promoted by the professor of the schoof of architecture Fernandp González Blanes. It is an instalation based in the district heating concept that used the biomass as fuel for the generation of heat. At the same time, through an underground pipe network it is produced the distribution of the heat in order to cover the heating demand up to 28 buildings.

This instalation it is a commitment to values of sustainability and energy efficiency that promotes the university because with this system the energetic spending it is reduce in a 25% and the CO2 emissions in a 65%