TALL TIMBER BUILDINGS: New Postgraduate Course

In light of emerging international research into new forms of engineered timber technology, this course focuses the use of timber as a primary structural material by the development of timber structural typologies at any scale.

This Specialization Course addresses the potential of this transformation and fundamental implications of such a change at the scale of the architectural project.

With the collaboration of the renowned engineers Juan Carlos Arroyo and Tom Kaden,the course is part of the Master Building Technologies and consists of two seminars and a workshop that allows for separate enrolment. The title of Specialist in Tall Timber Buildings will be granted upon successful completion of the comprehensive course.

Structure / Units

          Engineered Timber  (3 ECTS)

          Light Structures (3 ECTS)

          Workshop (6 ECTS)

          Thesis Project  (3 ECTS)


Specialization Course 150 hours

Madrid, Spain (7 wks) + workshop (3 wks)

Languages: English and Spanish

For more information contact: architecture@ucjc.edu