At the moment MEEYAB is preparing its V Edition, which is expected to start in September 2014. Meanwhile, the students of the III Edition have started the development of their TFM, together with their internships at recognized and prestigious studios and companies in the sector.

–       2 students have associated themselves with RLA Arquitectos

–       2 students have associated themselves with ALIA

The students of the IV Edition find themselves emerged in the Material III, and 9 of the total of 16 students are already taking benefit from a paid scholarship in various recognized prestigious cultural projects and investigation of the UCJC School of Architecture and Technology.

–       5 students have a paid scholarship from AARCE (Arquitectura Avanzada de Residuos Cero)

–       3 students have a paid scholarship from PIELSEN (Pieles Sensibles)

–       1 student has a paid scholarship from ASA (Asociación Sostenibilidad y Arquitectura), coordinating the international competition Powering Transformation of the WSB14 Barcelona congress.

The V Edition of the MEEYAB will count on the inclusion of Anupama Kundoo, a new program of paid internships, along with new additions to the faculty, international workshops, meetings, visits, guests and other activities that we will reveal in coming updates. Stay informed on the 5th Edition of the MEEYAB.