Retrofitting Arganzuela

RETROFITTING ARGANZUELA. International workshop TU Freiberg & UCJC. Madrid 2019, October 7-11th  


Rehabilitation of an old railway industrial shed located in the neighborhood of Legazpi, Arganzuela district. This construction is part of Madrid industrial heritage in the surroundings of Atocha and Méndez Álvaro. The building is currently used as the Municipal Producers Market few days a month. Small traders sell different organic food and local products.

Location: Avda. Del Planetario corner to C / Meneses, a few meters from the IMAX and next to Parque Tierno Galvan.

Main goals:

  1. To draft a diagnosis of the urban environment (noise, services, uses, infrastructures, etc.).
  2. To draft a proposal for the reuse of the shed according to the following suggested uses:

Logistic platform / E-commerce control system / Municipal urban management offices (Municipal District Board) / Nonprofit assistance center (NGO) / Clinic / Cultural center /  Jazz Club / Hostel / Greenhouse / Animal shelter.


Students will be organized in pairs: one UCJC student and another one from TU Freiberg, setting up a team that must face one of the proposed uses for the rehabilitation of the shed.

Final delivery:

The proposal must be submitted including a brief power point + video that will have to be presented (in English) on Friday 11th during the afternoon. The proposal must contain: the title, diagnosis and a justification report about the final solutions. Students can use any kind of representation techniques to present the proposal: reports, charts, noise and climate registers and measurements, plans, drawings, collages, photographs, videos …

Professors (Urban Management + Transport & Logistics)

Tomás García Martín; Rafael Hernández López; Marta Serrano Pérez; Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho.